Guided ammunition / 制導彈藥






Guided ammunition / 制導彈藥
Accelerometer for missile guiding systems / 加速度導彈導向系統
Dynamic GPS tracking systems / 動態GPS跟踪系統
Dynamic platform stabilization / 動態平台穩定
Ground motion detection / 地面運動檢測
AHRS MEMS accelerometers / (AHRS)加姿態航向參考系統,MEMS加速度計
Inertial Navigation Systems / 慣性導航系統
Helicopter Attitude, Heading and Reference System (AHRS) / 直升機姿態,航向參考系統(AHRS)
Active Suspension Systems / 主動懸掛系統
Active Tilting Systems / 主動傾斜系統
Bogie Monitoring Systems / 轉向架監測系統
Train Positioning Systems / 列車定位系統
Wind Turbines / 風力發電機
Drilling sensor / 鑽孔傳感器
Static Antenna Stabilization / 靜態天線穩定
Automotive testing accelerometer / 汽車加速度檢測
Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) / 機器健康監測
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) / 結構健康監測
Inclination monitoring / 傾斜角監控
Seismic Detection / 地震探測

Guided ammunition / 制導彈藥

Some new technologies such as Extended Area Protection & Survivability (EAPS) are being developed to counter incoming enemy attacks. These programs require increasing utilization of long-range artillery and can represent an unacceptably high risk of civilian causalities. Therefore, more precise artillery systems, smart ammunition and smart missiles are increasingly required and accuracy of ammunition must be enhanced to meet “Smart Artillery” performances independently of any GPS control. Such projectiles also integrate independent, reliable and redundant self-destruct mechanism that can also be based on sensors such as accelerometers that have to perform not only after the initial shock but also after impact. If a target is not detected or not attained, the weapon either self-destructs, eliminating the threat to civilian from explosive remnant or render itself inert. Note that increased accuracy means also that fewer rounds are needed, resulting in a big reduction in the logistics tail of artillery units.

The MEMS revolution

Guided ammunition can be fired from compressed standard weapon, gas launchers or modified rifles, utilizing MEMS technologies and image sensors to activate the payload before reaching the target or bursting in mid-air. The embedded MEMS high-shock accelerometer basically measures acceleration to detect when the smart bullet is close to the target and decides to activate an image sensor that allows the round to burst just milliseconds before it hits.

The Colibrys solution

For guided ammunition applications, Colibrys recommends the HS8000 high-shock MEMS accelerometer, a high shock inertial sensor offering a stunning post-shock performance and high-shock survivability. The HS8000 is a single-axis MEMS capacitive accelerometer based on a bulk micro-machined silicon element specifically designed for high stability, low power ASIC for signal conditioning, a temperature sensor and an embedded microcontroller for the storage of compensation values.

The HS8000 is extremely stable, robust and comes fully calibrated. A major feature of Colibrys gun-hard accelerometers is the die-attach technology, which reduces the stress level on the MEMS die to extremely low levels, insuring minimum bias shift. To ensure a minimal offset even under gun shocks, Colibrys has developed a proprietary die attach technology that survives the shock and minimizes the stress level to the sensing die. This new technology is applied to create the high-shock HS8000 product families.


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