Guided ammunition / 制導彈藥
Accelerometer for missile guiding systems / 加速度導彈導向系統
Dynamic GPS tracking systems / 動態GPS跟踪系統
Dynamic platform stabilization / 動態平台穩定
Ground motion detection / 地面運動檢測
AHRS MEMS accelerometers / (AHRS)加姿態航向參考系統,MEMS加速度計
Inertial Navigation Systems / 慣性導航系統
Helicopter Attitude, Heading and Reference System (AHRS) / 直升機姿態,航向參考系統(AHRS)
Active Suspension Systems / 主動懸掛系統
Active Tilting Systems / 主動傾斜系統
Bogie Monitoring Systems / 轉向架監測系統
Train Positioning Systems / 列車定位系統
Wind Turbines / 風力發電機
Drilling sensor / 鑽孔傳感器
Static Antenna Stabilization / 靜態天線穩定
Automotive testing accelerometer / 汽車加速度檢測
Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) / 機器健康監測
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) / 結構健康監測
Inclination monitoring / 傾斜角監控
Seismic Detection / 地震探測

Recommended for new design

MS9000 MEMS Accelerometer (Datasheet)

Colibrys MS9000 sensors are high-performance MEMS capacitive accelerometers developed for precision inertial systems for land, sea and air applications. With a dynamic range of ±2g to ±200g: they are part of the exclusive group of MEMS used in EASA, FAA and DAL A certified systems.

This single-axis analog accelerometer is based on bulk micro-machined silicon elements specifically designed for high bias stability over temperature in harsh environments. The product embeds a low-power ASIC (0.5 mA), a temperature sensor and is fully calibrated. The robust, hermetically-sealed LCC20 ceramic package insures long-term stability.

With nearly one million sensors shipped over the past 25 years, our technologies deliver field-proven, long-term reliability and performance for your most demanding applications. All Colibrys products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and are individually tested and qualified to Colibrys standards.

Key features

  • Low bias and scale factor temperature coef < ± 0.5 mg/°C (typ) and 300 ppm/°C (typ) ( for ±10g range).
  • A reference for One Year Bias stability, <±1.5mg typ. (for ±10g range)
  • High resolution < 0.15 mg typ (for ±10g range)
  • High repeatability Bias after shock


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