Guided ammunition / 制導彈藥
Accelerometer for missile guiding systems / 加速度導彈導向系統
Dynamic GPS tracking systems / 動態GPS跟踪系統
Dynamic platform stabilization / 動態平台穩定
Ground motion detection / 地面運動檢測
AHRS MEMS accelerometers / (AHRS)加姿態航向參考系統,MEMS加速度計
Inertial Navigation Systems / 慣性導航系統
Helicopter Attitude, Heading and Reference System (AHRS) / 直升機姿態,航向參考系統(AHRS)
Active Suspension Systems / 主動懸掛系統
Active Tilting Systems / 主動傾斜系統
Bogie Monitoring Systems / 轉向架監測系統
Train Positioning Systems / 列車定位系統
Wind Turbines / 風力發電機
Drilling sensor / 鑽孔傳感器
Static Antenna Stabilization / 靜態天線穩定
Automotive testing accelerometer / 汽車加速度檢測
Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) / 機器健康監測
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) / 結構健康監測
Inclination monitoring / 傾斜角監控
Seismic Detection / 地震探測


VS9000 Vibration Sensor  (Datasheet)

The trusted MEMS for the most demanding applications involving vibration sensing since 2008, the VS9000 vibration sensors offer large frequency response and performance stability, as well as low power consumption.

The field-proven Colibrys VS9000 embeds a mass-produced MEMS sensor, a die attach, an ASIC and a temperature sensor, the combination if which offers large frequency responses from DC to 1000 Hz ±5% (min), 3000Hz ±3 dB. The sensor also offers great bias and scale factor temperature stabilities of ± 0.1mg/°C (typ) and 100ppm/°C (typ). The VS9000 has the lowest power consumption on the market, featuring a maximum of 2mW.

This vibration sensor is available with a wide variety of ranges from ±2 to ±200g, which will allow it to address various applications with a single electronic interface and package.

With nearly one million sensors shipped over the past 25 years, our technologies deliver field-proven, long-term reliability and performance for your most demanding applications. All Colibrys products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and are individually tested and qualified to Colibrys standards.


Key features

  • Wide frequency response from DC to 1000Hz ±5% (min)
  • Great bias and scale factor temperature stabilities of ± 0.1mg/°C (typ) and 100ppm/°C (typ)
  • Low non-linearity with 1% of full scale, under vibrations (max)
  • Lowest power consumption 2mW (max)

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