Inclination monitoring / 傾斜角監控






Guided ammunition / 制導彈藥
Accelerometer for missile guiding systems / 加速度導彈導向系統
Dynamic GPS tracking systems / 動態GPS跟踪系統
Dynamic platform stabilization / 動態平台穩定
Ground motion detection / 地面運動檢測
AHRS MEMS accelerometers / (AHRS)加姿態航向參考系統,MEMS加速度計
Inertial Navigation Systems / 慣性導航系統
Helicopter Attitude, Heading and Reference System (AHRS) / 直升機姿態,航向參考系統(AHRS)
Active Suspension Systems / 主動懸掛系統
Active Tilting Systems / 主動傾斜系統
Bogie Monitoring Systems / 轉向架監測系統
Train Positioning Systems / 列車定位系統
Wind Turbines / 風力發電機
Drilling sensor / 鑽孔傳感器
Static Antenna Stabilization / 靜態天線穩定
Automotive testing accelerometer / 汽車加速度檢測
Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) / 機器健康監測
Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) / 結構健康監測
Inclination monitoring / 傾斜角監控
Seismic Detection / 地震探測

Inclination monitoring / 傾斜角監控


The society keeps building more ambitious projects. With higher skyscrapers, longer bridges and larger dams, the use of monitoring becomes a necessity. The constructions are exposed to many dangers, including seismic activities, structural deformation and corrosive weather.

This application note develops two different cases:

  • Slope indicator probes in boreholes
  • Structural inclinometers fixed to critical spots


Explanation of the System

Slope Indicator Probe

Geophysical monitoring analyses the soil’s displacement in order to predict catastrophic landslides and similar disasters. Boreholes are drilled along the slope of a mountain, so that critical areas are identified. The probes with embedded inclinometers are disposed as shown below.


vertical slope inclinometer
Figure 1: A vertical slope inclinometer


Structural Inclinometer

A first possibility involves a sensor fastened to a building’s foundations in order to detect the effects of collapsing fields. Another solution is to install beams with embedded inclinometers vertically or horizontally to buildings.


The types of applications in urban survey
Figure 2: The types of applications in urban survey




Environmental Analysis

Slope Indicator Probe

The inclinometers located in boreholes are required to provide accurate readings during a long period of time. They also have to withstand very humid environments. One to two sensors per probes are sufficient to get sufficient data. The inclinometer wake up every hour to make a measurement.


Structural Inclinometer

The sensors need to be extremely accurate as the weight of the building is massive: even a microscopic variation of angle may affect the entire structure. Depending on the situation, the temperature variation has to be often considered.



Performance Required

Slope Indicator Probe and Structural Inclinometer

  • Very low resolution < ±0.002°
  • Accuracy < 0.05° after compensation
  • ΔT = 5°C for slope indication
  • ΔT = 40°C for structural inclinometer


The arch dam at Emosson needs precise monitoring
Figure 3: The arch dam at Emosson needs precise monitoring



The MEMS Potential

Slope Indicator Probe

Servo-accelerometers measure inclination with high precision, despite their power consumption, large dimensions and expensive price. Today, the small size and improvements in the performance of MEMS accelerometers make them more suitable for this application. An important advantage is the autonomy of these sensors, as they need very low current to operate.


Structural Inclinometer

The MEMS capacitive sensors offer a simple, yet efficient solution for long-term structural monitoring. Nowadays, their technology, portability and accuracy satisfy the requirements for civil surveys.



  • DC:                   Direct current
  • FS:                    Full scale
  • GPS:                 Global positioning system
  • Hz:                    Hertz
  • MTBF:              Mean time before failure
  • MEMS:             Microelectromechanical systems


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